What is this photographic technique known as ICM???

ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) is a photographic technique that I sometimes employ in order to try and express better the 'mood' of a landscape composition. The sea has so much movement in it that it is difficult to truly capture in a totally focussed and 'sharp' image. In order to create this effect you need to use a 'slow' shutter speed and move the camera in different ways whilst the shutter is open.

This selection of images was taken on Plemont beach on the north coast of Jersey in the English Channel Islands last week. The sun was very bright at the time I was there and I wouldn't normally bother to take seascape images as everything looked far to contrasty. The waves, however were making quite a noise and it was this that tempted me to try and capture the moment using the ICM technique. The images have 'power' and being abstract really remind me of that moment on Plemont beach!