The calm at Boscombe Pier after the recent stormy shoot at Lyme Regis

Today I was looking to take minimalist black and white images of Boscombe pier and a couple of groynes close by. All these images were taken with a 400mm lens as I wanted to 'compress the scene' as much as possible. The pier was locked up at this time inthe morning and as I was shooting a couple of 'characters' approached me as they wanted to check that a strange red canvas on the end of the pier wasn't a 'rough sleeper'. This image being in black and white doesn't really show where this supposed sleeper was but these two were from the 'rough sleeper dept of the council. I did explain to them that I thought it highly unlikely that a homeless person would choose to sleep out in the open on the end of the pier. I showed them a magnified image of this object on the pier on the back of my camera and they went on their way.