Sometimes getting up early doesn't mean you get great pictures!

Finally, I was able to get out of the car as the rain eased off and I made my way along to the Cobb. I had decided to vist The Cobb on this morning as I really wanted an image that showed the ferocity of the conditions hitting the seaward side of the Cobb.

The wind was 40mph but the tide was now no longer at its highest, so the waves weren't as high. Still worth shooting though. By now it was 4.30 am and the sky was beginning to lighten enough to see the Cobb. If you've ever been here then you'll know that access onto the Cobb is by stone staircases fixed into the wall. Traversing these in a high wind carrying camera, tripod and camera bag was quite some experience!. As I reached the top of the wall the full force of the wind hit and I soon realised that the camera bag had to be jettisoned otherwise this would get blown away!

I sat on the wall and edged myself into position and I was being buffetted with the strong wind. I knew this was potentially dangerous but these conditions were precisely why I had come here so I was going to get my 'dramatic' shot come whatever! I had brought a foldaway small umbrella to protect the camera from the wind and soon found I needed a third hand as setting up the camera, aligning it and focussing was proving to be very hard. 

I had a rain cover over the camera and lens and suddenly this was blown away in the wind! I took 3 exposures, laughed at my stupidity for trying to get the shot, and edged off the Cobb. ALL THIS EFFORT AND MY IMAGE LOOKS LIKE IT WAS TAKEN IN BENIGN WEATHER CODITIONS!!

This picture was less arduous to take as it was on the lee side of the Cobb.