Social media week off!

How much time do you spend on social media?

Especially if you use it to promote your business

Time for a short break

I have used my social media accounts for the past few years to help promote my landscape photography business. So it was important that I kept frequently posting articles and images.

I belong to an art marketing group that sets out daily, weekly and monthly art marketing tasks.

The idea behind frequent marketing is to attract and support a new audience that might be interested in YOU personally and THEN your art.

Social media is meant to give you a platform to present yourself and your art to a wider audience.

The trouble is, I've found, that for some reason it doesn't!

This time last year I had a great social media following on my Instagram site with over 12K followers who did actually interact with me in a very positive way.

I had gained many great supporters who became very interested in where I was going and what I was doing.

I also actually spent money on both Facebook and Instagram marketing to specific people and all was looking great! 


Some individual suddenly took over my account without me even knowing how!

Overnight I lost 6 years of building a community of like minded artists and supporters.

Why didn't Instagram help me?


Time to think, time to create.

Creating daily content is both time consuming and exhausting!

Thinking about 'feeding' this social media machine rather than enjoying my photography has got to stop!

There isn't really much ROI ( return on investment) anyway... so why bother?

Maybe turning this around on its head might mean I can gain control of things in my life again?

Who knows?

So anyway, it's worth trying something different!

WHAT though??

I'm going to try having a social media break!

I'm going to not post or look at my accounts for a complete week!

I will let you know how I got on!!