Shooting for a Zine publication...

Starting a photographic project 

I’ve now decided that creating a small body of work about a place/ location is the way I want to go with my photography. 

 I will also publish each new project as a limited edition Zine publication. If you’re not exactly sure what a ‘Zine’ is, then it is an informal, affordable small book publication. Sometimes these have even been produced out of a photocopier, but my preference is to have it published by a local printing company. 

Each of my Zine publications contain 20 sides with around 30 different black and white images. The Zine measures 210cms square with a 300gsm gloss laminated cover and each page is 170gsm silk. Each book is saddle stitched. 

 Here are some images from my first Zine called ‘Boscombe mist’…

This is the cover page of my first book.

I'm really pleased how this first Zine turned out!

As well as purchasing the book you can also get some prints, like these...

8"x6" print of 'Cage Groyne'

8"x6" print of 'Boscombe Pier'

4 prints available to buy along with the Zine, 2 more below...

8"x6" print of 'Groyne #18'

8"x6" print of 'Tides out' at Boscombe Pier

Let me tell you about this project

I had seen on the weather forecast that the following morning was due to have heavy fog along my local coastline. I decided that I would visit one of my most favourite location... Boscombe Pier.

Luckily it only takes me 30 mins to get there so I left home at 3 am and sunrise was due at 4:30am! When I arrived the beach was completely covered in fog which made it hard for me to see anything at all. I wasn't too worried though as there was a slight wind which I thought would clear it away.

Luckily I was right! As the time got much closer to sunrise I was able to pick out the features of the pier so I set to work! I had 3 different subjects/ areas I needed to capture, which were the pier itself, cage groyne and groyne  #18

I had made a plan to shoot around the pier fist for 15 mins and then give each of the other 2 sites 15 mins each as well. I then repeated the process back at the pier as the light came up and the fog began to dissipate. I hoped that this would then give me the best opportunity to create images for the Zine!

I'm really pleased to have created this body of work in just 90 mins! I hope you like this zine as much as I enjoyed shooting it.