Oyster Farm - a complicated view

The shapes I saw in the water in the far distance intrigued me...

I had no real idea what these shapes were or what their purpose was until I got closer and saw a man in yellow waders walking out to one of these structures.

It turns out that he is an Oyster farmer and all these structures are, in fact, Oyster beds. As the tide went out he went around each of these hundred beds and turned over the sacks of Oysters growing in them. He couldn't see why I was interested in photographing them!

As you can see from the image above there is so much going on visually, which made me have to really think about how I went about photographing them. Luckily I had my very long lens with me which meant I was able to isolate parts of these structures. 

The foreshore here is quite muddy and treacherous to walk on so I had to take the cliff path high above the water. This, in fact, made taking these compositions so much easier as they were able to display themselves clearer than if I was at their level on the shoreline.

What I really liked was the way each of the beds created curves as they moved with the tide. It was just a case of waiting until they lined up as I wanted!

I'm really pleased with all the images I was able to shoot during this early morning session. I'm really into minimalist shapes, textures and lines, so this area of water was able to yield up a great many fantastic minimalist compositions.

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