My First commision!!

I pretty much had a blank canvas to play with... but with a few requirements!

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This wall needed something really big and impressive!

The client wanted an image to fill this very large galleried hall. Ideally I had to incorporate some colours that had been used to paint the walls and in the carpet choice.

My key colours were then, green and brown. You might recall that I'm a B&W landscape photographer shooting in a square format so WHY was I picked!!

I decided to knock up some options for the client to visualise.


I thought I might tempt them!!

Abstract seascape

If I'm being really honest, I like this composition the best! I placed these digital images over a shot I took on my phone at their home as I thought this would save me a great deal of time and effort. I will let you know which composition they chose next time. I now have to do the same with all their other rooms and halls, so watch this space.

Am I enjoying the experience of having a brief??

When I shoot out in the landscape the only person I have to satisfy is myself.

What I've actually found with working to a brief is that it actually makes me think more about the composition, colour palette and arrangement of all elements.

Would I take on another commission... I think I might!



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