Minimalist images in the fog

The foggy conditions in Poole harbour were so unexpected as I drove over evening hill the other day...

The Sandbanks chain ferry's fist 07:00 sailing was shrouded in fog and I was surprised to see it making its way across the busy harbour entrance!

The thing was, I had never ever seen these conditions at the entrance before, so I was quite excited to try and capture some really great minimalistic images if I could. I'm really happy with this ethereal composition.

I headed down to the harbour shoreline where again I was truly amazed at how both the fog and receding tide was making the landscape look so interesting and minimal. I concentrated on creating compositions of the sand as the tide ebbed and flowed across the scene in front of me.

Sand bar #3

As I was shooting this composition it was changing dramatically minute by minute as the tide receded.

I just love this image as you can imagine where this pathway might lead to into the mist... do you???

Birdson the foreshore

BIRDS ON THE FORESHORE The light was fantastic and the water so still in this dawn light. Initially I was annoyed with having to wait for these birds to fly off, but then I thought " why not include them?" Was I right or was I right??

On reflection

I was by now really working fast as the tide seemed to be receding faster and faster. I began to notice some of the boats berthed in the harbour were now being stranded on the sand and providing great refelections!

Split personality

The wet sand showing through the water made this image just 'pop'!!

I'm really happy with this one.

A few more images from this shoot

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Its amazing how many great unique images I was able to capture within such a short time. I was very much up against it with the fast receding tide, fog and shifting boats, but I had a great time as well!

All these images can be found on my website directly by clicking on each image. Alternatively then view all my galleries on my website.

I hope you enjoy my work and until the next time...

All the best,