Lido & outdoor swimming pool starts!

There was really only one hour when the light would be perfect... just before dawn! There was so many visual distractions in the pool area that I didn't want shadows and highlights from the sun to confuse the scene anymore!

I hadn't been to this pool before so I definitely had no pre-conceived ideas of what I could take in the way of meaningful compositions. Hugo, the pool owner, kindly let me in pre-dawn to take images and I'm very grateful for his support and co-operation. He even provided a cup of coffee and bacon bun!

I could immediately see some compositions I could take so I set to work. What has intrigued me with these Lidos and outdoor pools is the Art Deco architecture and all the lines, shapes and textures both in the buildings as well as the reflections in the pool.

I really enjoyed visiting Lymington as part of my new project and I hope you find these images interesting... why not let me know what you think?? cool

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