La Harpe Island, Rolle, Lake Geneva

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This little island sits off the edge of the beautiful Swiss town of Rolle in Lake Geneva.

My thought process...

AS I walked along the bank of Lake Geneva from the car park, I could see this island in the distance.

I couldn't really see any 'obvious' compositions as various trees and sign posts always blocked the view of the island.

However as I came to the jetty in front of the island, the landscape opened up in front of me!

I shot an image including the jetty in the foreground, but it looked far too busy. I then decided to exclude most of the island with the jetty as the main subject and the composition had a great 'balance' to it. Pic #1

Walking further along the path all I now had in front of me were rocks with the island totally isolated. This composition looked really great but in the back of my mind, I thought it needed 'something extra. Pic #2

Walking just a hundred yards further towards the town centre I was surprised to see a small boat sitting in the most perfect place!

The boat gave me that 'extra' something I was looking for! Pic #3

I have set out an image showing my design issues as well. How I look to create a pathway around my composition for the viewer.

What do you think??
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Pic #1

Pic #2

Pic #3

Pic #4

#1 I always like to have something of interest like this jetty emanating from a corner of the image as a 'leading line' into the composition # 3. # 2 has the angle of the boat reaching across to the far left point of interest on the island. # 4 shows the way I want to tempt the viewer to view the composition.