Is there a Landscape photography Spirit in Hokkaido?

Everywhere I went I 'saw' great images to shoot. It very much seemed like someone had set up these photographic compositions that were just irresistible not to shoot! 

The weather conditions were very harsh for me to get a grip on initially, as it was -13 degrees some days, windy often, deep snow and blizzard conditions on occasions! In other words... perfect!

I was wondering along the shoreline with nothing I could see that initially would make a great image. I got to a part of the coastline where I had to scramble through foliage and trees that had fallen into the water.

At one point I had to stop and get my camera bag through a gap and when I looked towards the water, I saw for the first time this tree. I saw straight away how the dynamics of the tree with flailing arms (branches) and a frozen foot touching the water. I immediately thought it looked like it was running away from the shore!

I took quite some time composing various images of the tree as well as just sitting there in the freezing conditions marvelling at what I had found. This was a truly memorable experience!