Inspiration is, I find, a moment that presents itself as I arrive at my chosen location.

My training back in the 70's as a press photographer taught me how to tell a story with one definitive image. I needed back then to 'get the picture' and the same applies to me today every day I'm out in the landscape.

“I have a dream… photography allows me to share it with you.”
โ€• Destin Sparks

I'm looking out for a composition that initially captures my imagination. I then look to disassemble it to take out the 'noise' and 'distractions'. Then the magic happens...

Something deep inside gives me an added element. Inspiration to take this composition up a level or two to make it as outstanding an image as I possibly can.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”
โ€• Ansel Adams

The Oxford dictionary defines Inspiration as... "providing or showing creative or spiritual inspiration."

Take the image in this article for instance.
Where did my inspiration come from?
What made me create this composite?
What does it actually mean?

Let me try and explain:

My inspiration came to me whilst I was listening to music whilst undertaking post production work on some of my images. How did the music do this? Well it actually played just a small part as it was the album cover that piqued my interest!

The album cover had 4 different layers of interest: a person; a background; a terrestrial shape and a wild seascape.

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”
โ€• Destin Sparks

Does there actually need to be a 'reason' for a picture?
Did the Old Master painters or today's abstract artists have to give a reason or explanation as to what their art 'meant to say'

Surely, like and artist, you want to see and feel emotion?
I believe that comes from having an 'inspirational moment' when executing your art.

Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.

David Alan Harvey