Images under the pier

The wind was howling... the rain relentless, but I found myself on my front lying down right on the shoreline! I needed to get close to the action unfolding in front of me! smiley

There really wasn't any other possibility but setting my camera on multiple shots and hanging on in there. Lying down on wet sand with the camera inches away from the sea ebbing and flowing made me very aware just how close I was to these waves breaking against the pier struts metres away.

I was truly amazed by the different amount of energy being released by each wave as it crashed into the pier structures. All around were great compositions happening right in front of me that all I needed to do was capture this intensity. I hope you'll agree that I got close... do you feel it??

Some of these images actually looked quite blurry as I feel the scene conveys more of the dramatic weather.

I will be publishing images from this session in my 'latest work' gallery shortly. Let me know what you thin? Would you hang one of these on your wall?? email Roy