Finding an audience

Finding an audience

OR... them finding me?

I've got a great website, great images and I'm on social media... so how come no one has discovered me yet?

What am I missing?

Trying different things

If you have already checked out my website then thanks!

I like shooting black and white images in a square format of seascapes.
Now these seascapes can be taken anywhere in the world and I've been to Australia ( 6 hours! That's another story!), Iceland, Greece, Switzerland, Scotland, Ireland and, of course, England!

I like shooting anything with water in it so my galleries are full of shorelines, waves, lighthouses, rocks, piers & Jetties.

I also like to shoot botanical and digital art which I can do in my gallery and involves no travelling at all! These images are all in my mind!

I also like to produce small books & Zines from locations I've visited as I feel a variety of printed images can tell the story of a place or time in the landscape far better than one images can ever.

I even offer clients a wide range of sizes of imagery to cater for all tastes and budgets. I provide a variety of different mediums to print on including paper, canvas, metal and acrylic. So again I think I can cater for all tastes!


I feel I have got all my bases covered so all I now need do is tell everyone about how marvellous everything is and I will be inundated... right??


Getting an audience to engage it seems involves a great deal more than all this as I've found out myself over the past few years.

It's all about engagement seemingly.

I need to be showing you my work daily and explaining how I go about taking and producing it... which I've done!

something different

One thing someone recently told me about were collections

I listened to a couple of other artists who are successfully offering these so that's what I thought I would experiment with! My NEW 'Collections' gallery has some examples of sets that contain 2,3 & 4 images for one price. Below are a couple of examples of 2 sets where each image is 24"x36"...

This is another example which can be seen in my 'collections' gallery

So, What do you think??

What would I need to do in order to encourage you to engage? I really would appreciate finding out what type of art you are interested in purchasing for your home or work place. Would you take some time to please tell me HERE?