Did I ever tell you about my 6 hour shoot in Sydney?

The trip took ages to organise and was going to take 3 weeks in total. I was shooting in Singapore for a couple of days ( I used to live there some time ago so was keen to see how things looked); Sydney for 3 nights; South Island in New Zealand for 2 weeks; Maui in Hawaii for a week and then home. I was home in 5 days!!

The day before I went I trapped a nerve in my spine that was very painful but I thought I could 'Photograph it off' over 3 weeks... no I couldn't. Singapore was great to see but the flight to Sydney caused me too much pain so I had to cancel the trip. I had, therfore a 6 hour layover until my flight home and took a taxi to Sydney Opera house to take some quick images. Maybe next time I can complete the planned trip???