Creating memories right now is so important... isn't it??

I'm always checking out the weather forecast and, annoyingly for my family, always get really excited when the weather looks really bad! I find that the landscape has so much added drama if the skies are not bright blue and the sun is shining!

The night before it all looked great for the next morning... rain and misty conditions forecast! I set off before dawn to maximise these conditions and when I got to West Bay, I wasn't disappointed. West Bay is a small fishing town on the South coast of England in my home county of Dorset. There's a small fishing fleet that operates out of the harbour and each time I make a visit I always find something very different to shoot.

On this occasion I had one particular image in mind that I saw in some tourist information. Their image showed the view bathed in sunshine with people 'promenading' along the coastline. My take on this was the image below shrouded in the mist. I'm sure that the tourist board won't be using this image!

Unfortunately, as I set up in the rain, I noticed that I hadn't brought my lens hood! In conditions like this it is vital to keep the rain off the lens. Luckily I had brought my umbrella but trying to hold this over the lens in the wind at the same time as trying to take an image was particularly fraught!surprise

I spent a couple of rain soaked hours here at West Bay in the rain photographing a few different compositions. I hope you like them and it would be nice to hear from you what you think?? At least I have some very special memories from this day.