2022 Picture review

2022 review

I pick my best images taken each month in 2022!

Over the year I have been very active out in the landscape and I thought it would be great to go back into my 2022 monthly archives to pick 1 image and tell the story of why I like it so much!

This review is going to be a real challenge as, obviously I like most of my images, so finding one per month is going to be very hard!

January 2022

My local county area in the UK is called Dorset. I'm very fortunate that I have so many locations to visit.
This image was taken at Poole Quay on a misty dawn morning.
This is the old quay as today Poole harbour is a very busy commercial port with a larger quay.
This image can take you anywhere you want to go and you can reflect on who sat or worked here in the past.

February 2022

Poole Harbour is the second largest natural harbour in the world after Sydney harbour in Australia!

As a result there are many areas within the harbour where old boats have been left to their own devices!

It seems a shame that at the end of their working lives they are abandoned like this, but they make great minimalist subject matter for this photographer!

March 2022

This walkway runs across part of the lake at Poole Park.

It is quite a narrow path but it is very popular with walkers!

All I had to do was set my camera up and... wait!

This dogwalker just made the minimalist composition 'come to life'!

What do you think??

April 2022

This image is totally different to my normal landscapes and came about as a 'challenge' from someone to try something different!
Funnily, I did find this a real challenge but put my mind into creating an abstract image.
At dinner one evening I was holding a fork and this idea 'popped into my mind'!

May 2022

This composition was created at a place called 'Shingle street' in Suffolk which is a county in East Anglia, England.

The water flows in and out of this shingle bank at each tide creating fabulous minimalist compositions.

This fisherman cottage sits above the shingle bank creating an added interest element.

June 2022

I decided to go on a photo trip to an area where I hadn't been before in the county of Essex on the eastern coastline of England.
This place where these abandoned boats lie is called 'Pin Mill'.

It took quite some time to find the best angle to shoot this composition!

I'm really pleased with this image!

July 2022

Some times serendipity plays a huge part in creating my images.

I was photographing something different at this place when this composition just presented itself to me!

I turned to my left and saw that the white boat was stationery as it sat on the sea bed, whilst the boat behind was being bufutted by the incoming tide!

This is one of my all time favourites!

August 2022

I went on a photo trip to the island of Jersey in the English channel islands.

This island sits close to the West coast of France and has very high tides.

In order to get this image I had to shoot it on a very high tide. One morning, dawn and a high tide coincided! 

I was very pleased that an idea I had envisaged, came out exactly right!

September 2022

I had seen some great abstract flora and fauna photographs by Karl Blossfeldt (June 13, 1865 – December 9, 1932)

I decided to wander around my garden and take a variety of similar styled images!

This Teasel attracted my attention and became a very popular image on my website gallery!

October 2022

I always like to try different photographic genres!

This fungi was a real challenge to photograph. The hard bit is actually finding them as they are only 10cm tall.

Lying down on the wet woodland floor allowed me a fantastic opportunity to get this unusual composition.

This image has, possibly, been my most popular social media image!

What do you think??

November 2022

I went on my very first trip to Iceland and one of the greatest photographic experiences, was visiting Vestrahorn.

The combination of black sand, the towering mountain and a beautiful dawn sunrise, just made this image come alive.

There are many great image I could have chosen from this trip... but this one is #1!!

December 2022

This month I had a fantastic photography trip to Switzerland.

I wanted to explore the beautiful shoreline of Lake Geneva.

It was great fun following the shoreline road and stopping at villages and ports looking for images.

This is La Harpe Island at Rolle. When I saw this composition I just knew I had to get this into my gallery!